Legal Service Fees

We provide free of charge for the initial consultation VIA EMAIL. However, we charge 3,000 Baht (approx. 30 minutes) for the initial consultation at our office.

Here are our processes to get the best legal advisory.

  1. Clients send us an inquiry email and consult via email first. We will provide free consultation via email.
  2. Then, if you happy and would like to meet our lawyer at our office, you can make an appointment. We charge *3,000 baht for the first consultation at our office.

*the fees may be deducted from the payment for services rendered with us.

Below are fixed fees for some of our services. (excl. VAT and Government fees)

We often require a full deposit up front (100%) prior to beginning the work/service. We will provide a tax invoice upon receipt of final payment.

Company Corporation

Item Description Fee (Baht)
Company Registration Attorney’s fees for company
30,000 -35,000
Tax ID Corporate tax registration


VAT ID Corporate VAT registration 5,000
Personal Tax ID Personal income tax registration


Regional Office Registration on regional office 80,000 -100,000
Representative Office Registration on representative office 80,000-100,000  
Branch Office Registration on branch office 80,000-100,000  
Regional Operating Headquarter Registration on regional operation headquarter 80,000-100,000  
BOI (Board of Investment) Register for BOI 100,000-150,000  
Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand Application 80,000-100,000  
Alien Business Registration Registration of an Foreigner Business License 80,000-100,000  
Company stamp for client 800  
Minutes of Meeting Preparing minutes of meeting for opening bank account / others 5,000  

Work Permit & Visa Services:

Item Description Fee (Baht)
Visa One Year Visa (Our Officer Accompanied by Client in First Time) 12,000 – 15,000
Dependent Visas for spouse and children (Wife 7,500 / Child 6,000) 12,000/family
Visa One Year Visa for Representative Office / Foreign Business / BOI 12,000
Work Permit New Application + 1 Round year service 12,000-15,000/year
Work Permit Work Permit – 1 Round year Service 12,000-15,000/year
Work Permit Work Permit (BOI) 12,000-15,000/year
Work Permit Renewal (Annual) – 1 round year service 12,000-15,000/year
Visa Retirement visa 25,000/year

Additional Professional Legal Fees.

Item Description Fee (Baht)
Property Registering Lease or Land/House at Land Department 8,500
Property Professional Negotiations to lower the selling price, transfer fees, stamp duties 15,000
Agreement Draft & Revise (Thai – English)  45,000 – 60,000
Draft & Revise (Thai) 25,000
Agreement Draft & Revise (Thai)  30,000
Personal Last Will & Testament 35,000
Personal Buying condominium in Bangkok Thailand 25,000 – 45,000

The office hours for the Jarrett Lloyd are Monday – Friday, 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., Messages can be left at any time in our contact form or email: