Jarrett Lloyd Service Fees for year 2020

We provide free of charge for the initial consultation VIA EMAIL. However, we charge 3,000 Baht (approx. 30 minutes) for the initial consultation at our office.

Here are our processes to get the best legal advisory.

Clients send us an inquiry email and consult via email first. We will provide free consultation via email.
Then, if you happy and would like to meet our lawyer at our office, you can make an appointment. We charge *3,000 baht for the first consultation at our office.
*the fees may be deducted from the payment for services rendered with us.

Below are fixed fees for some of our services. (excl. VAT and Government fees)

We often require a full deposit up front (100%) prior to beginning the work/service. We will provide a tax invoice upon receipt of final payment.

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